How to Build a High-Quality Website for Your Small Business

Posted by B West on May 26, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Changes to Google’s search engine algorithm over the last few years have made it more necessary than ever for small businesses to have a high-quality website. Many SEO companies attributed changes to website ranking to the Panda algorithm update in 2011, but truthfully, there are more than 200 factors that influence where your website stands in the search rankings, and those factors constantly undergo updates too. In fact, Google released roughly 500 search improvements and more than a dozen additional updates to Panda in 2011. This week, Google confirmed changes that specifically address quality control issues, but so far have declined to specify the exact details of the update.

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What Are Landing Pages?

Posted by B West on May 21, 2015 1:35:00 PM

How is a Landing Page Different from Every Other Web Page?

Contrary to popular belief, a “landing page” is not just any page on your website where a visitor might “land.” Your home page is not a landing page. A page about your services is also not a landing page. Instead, pages where visitors may land should simply be referred to as "web pages," whereas "landing pages" are pages where visitors may land that 1) have a form and 2) exist solely to capture a visitor's information through that form. In other words, all landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages.

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Website Needs to be Mobile Optimized

Posted by B West on Apr 24, 2015 12:37:00 PM

The Future is Mobile

The latest search engine algorithm change from Google makes mobile-friendliness more important than ever for your website. Mobile-friendliness is now a ranking signal that affects mobile searches in all languages worldwide. While this allows consumers to more easily find relevant, high-quality search results optimized for their devices, it also means that businesses without a mobile-optimized website will miss out on valuable search traffic and possibly lose sales opportunities. Here are a few more things you need to know about the update:
  • If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose your search ranking on mobile devices. As a result, you may also lose organic traffic coming from mobile devices and miss out on sales
  • This update is larger than two of the previous more well-known updates, Panda and Penguin
  • This update affects your website, landing pages and blog

Why does this matter for your business?

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Why You Have to Update CMS: ModX, Wordpress and More

Posted by B West on Apr 9, 2015 11:54:28 AM

Whether you use Wordpress or ModX for your small business website content management system (CMS), keeping your software up-to-date is one of the most important things you can do. The fact that a CMS could require routine updates may come as a surprise to many website owners who are not actively involved in their web design.

A website is not a one-time expense, but rather something that must be maintained. Here are the top three reasons to update your website content management system as soon as a new update is available.

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Tips to Help Small Businesses Get More Leads

Posted by B West on Apr 7, 2015 11:40:00 AM


The main concern for most small business owners is the problem of generating both high quantity and high quality leads. Without a steady stream of leads, it is difficult to continue increasing your sales month after month. However, despite the importance of lead generation, only 10 percent of marketers feel that their lead generation campaigns are effective. At CyberMark, we help small businesses grow their leads with tested and proven internet marketing techniques and superior website design. Here are our top tips for helping your small business get more leads. 

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What Is Referrer Spam and How Do You Stop It?

Posted by B West on Apr 2, 2015 10:47:00 AM

How Referrer Spam Hurts your Small Business

When it comes to analyzing your website traffic, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing page upon page of junk visits and spam referrals from bots that skew your research. These bots cause a problem known as referrer spam, where bots impersonate a real referral link to your website in the hopes that you will click on the link to visit their site as well. When you try to see where each of your visitors came from, you may notice a large influx of traffic from sites such as or This traffic is not real, and it prevents you from seeing accurate, useful information about the audience that visits your website. Referrer spam can also harm your rankings in Google’s search engine results.That is why it is so important to stop referrer spam. 

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4 SEO Metrics that Matter for your Small Business

Posted by B West on Mar 25, 2015 11:23:00 AM

When it comes to your website, we know there is a seemingly endless list of metrics available that can become distracting and confusing. From data sets regarding the demographics of your website traffic to reports on site referrals and traffic amounts, it is difficult for most small business owners to determine which sets of data are the true key performance indicators for your website. Because many site owners feel as if they are drowning in a sea of metrics every time they view their Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools reports, it’s no wonder that the following four SEO data reports are often neglected. However, it is vital to pay attention to these particular metrics when it comes to your SEO.

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Small Business Website Mistakes You Can't Afford to Ignore

Posted by B West on Mar 20, 2015 8:26:00 AM

Getting your website design wrong can be a costly and time-consuming affair that will cost you more than just the money to fix the site itself. You never get a second chance for a great first impression, so it is imperative that your website always looks its best. Here are some common mistakes to avoid making on your small business website.

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Don’t Let Your Website Go Down Due To a Missed ICANN Verification

Posted by B West on Mar 18, 2015 1:17:00 PM

Warning: Your website might be at risk!

A recent change at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has put in place an email verification requirement for the owner contact listed with the domain’s registrar.

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SEO Tips That Stand the Test of Time

Posted by B West on Mar 13, 2015 8:03:00 AM

SEO strategies seem to change at the drop of a hat, but there are a few tips that will continue to ring true long into the future. Learn how to implement these SEO techniques that stand the test of time in our latest blog.

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